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Empower Educators with Innovative Professional Development

Carl Sandburg recently held its second of eight teacher-led professional development sessions aimed at elevating the standards of professional development for its faculty. Committed to fostering a culture of continuous growth and excellence, the school has launched a series of programs designed to equip educators with the tools they need to inspire, innovate, and lead - all in an effort to help students succeed.

According to Principal Derrick Smith, “We are committed to providing professional learning that is responsive to the individual needs of our building and showcases the talented teaching occurring each day. This year, our responsive offerings during the lunch hours focus on staff teaching staff in short sessions that tap into our expertise while supporting the instructional framework.”

The most recent Lunch-and-Learn session featured English teacher Traci Mitchell who focused on designing instruction with the end in mind. She shared how to deconstruct content, like Lego pieces. The session unpacked how teachers can build skills, provide examples, and showcase final products to help students achieve mastery.

Future sessions include information on mastery-based learning and student goal setting, standards-based feedback, as well as the science of teaching and learning.

Sandburg’s Lunch-and-Learn series pairs perfectly with the district’s Strategic Framework goal to implement a well-designed professional learning structure that is flexible, sustainable and responsive.