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D230 seeks volunteers for board committees

The District 230 School Board is seeking community volunteers to serve on the Education, Student Services, and Building & Finance Committees. Interested residents should complete and return the application form before 4 p.m. on Friday, January 14, 2022. The committee member assignments will begin in February 2022 and will continue through June 2023. 

The application can be found here as well as at under District News. 

 Specifically, there are openings on the Education Committee and Student Services Committee representing each of the school attendance areas, and on the Building and Finance Committee representing Sandburg and Andrew attendance areas.

Advisory committees to the School Board assist the School Board as they determine needed changes or additions either required by State law requirements or necessary due to internal evaluations of current services and processes. The Committees are designed as a communication tool to represent the district’s larger audience. An Advisory committee’s function is not one of decision-making, but as the voice of all students’ needs as recommendations are being made to and decisions are made by the School Board. 

Board Committees are comprised of community members, School Board members, staff, and administration. Each member serves an important role in providing insight and expertise regarding topics being considered by the full Board. In providing input to the School Board and administration, it is important that committee members do the following: 

  • focus on the best interests of all students without representing a narrow or personal agenda; and 
  • show courtesy and respect to other members 
  • fully participate in meetings, sharing thoughts openly and listening to others’ point of view; and 
  • demonstrate high ethical and professional standards 
  • possess interest and experience or expertise related to the subject matter of the Committee; 
  • respond in a timely fashion to requests from the Committee Chair/Recording Secretary; 
  • prepare for the meetings by reading packets and noting points to raise; and 
  • attend monthly meetings on a regular basis throughout the two-year term 

Committee meetings typically take place at the Administration Center and begin at 7 p.m.Committee members are notified in advance of any change to this location and/or time. The Committee meeting schedule can be found on the district website on the School Board tab.

Education Committee. This committee reviews all policies, proposals, and programs related to curriculum and co-curricular program renewal development to provide information and recommendations to the School Board. (Typically the first Wednesday of each month.) 

Student Services Committee. This committee reviews all policies, proposals, and programs related to student support services and special services to provide information and recommendations to the School Board. (Typically the second Tuesday of each month.) 

Building and Finance Committee. This committee reviews all policies and proposals related to the Building/Finance Committee. This committee systematically reviews the financial condition of the district and provides information and recommendations to the School Board on matters of policy, processes, and planning for district finance. This committee oversees all building projects within the district and advises the School Board on the progress of those projects. This committee also reviews topics related to student transportation. (Typically the 3rd Monday of each month.)