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Board approves $15 million expansion at Stagg

The Consolidated High School District 230 Board of Education awarded a $15 million expansion at Amos Alonzo Stagg High School. The expansion will include much-needed classroom space, several science labs, offices and teacher workspace, as well as a rooftop environmental learning space.

Through a combination of issuing bonds, converting working cash, and leveraging ESSER grant funding, the 2-year project will be funded without having to go to referendum. Board of Education President Tony Serratore said, “The ability to fund this project without overburdening the taxpayers and remaining fiscally responsible is crucial. This expansion will provide benefits not only for students and staff but the Stagg community at large.”

The district conducted a building square footage evaluation on Stagg High School compared to the district's other schools as well as surrounding school districts. This evaluation showed that Stagg is in need of additional classrooms and teacher workspaces, and needs to address traffic issues in certain areas of the school. The architects worked on several ideas to help with these issues and found that expanding the buildings in two of Stagg's courtyards would help solve all three of the areas of concern.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Nolting said, “The Stagg expansion project is more than just about adding space to a high school; it’s also about adding space strategically and creatively, viewing the project through the lens of a 22nd century learner. It’s about being imaginative and resourceful with our space.”

Construction will take place in two phases. Phase one will begin this summer and conclude in the spring of 2024 with the scope of work contained to the south courtyard. This will include a row of classrooms on the first floor. The second floor will include a science lab, rooftop environmental space and teacher work space.

Phase two will begin on the heels of phase one in the summer of 2024 and conclude in the spring of 2025 with the scope of work contained to the North courtyard. This work will include several classrooms on the first floor, along with teacher workspace, offices and two meeting rooms, which can be converted into one large conference room. Upstairs on a new second floor, science labs, classrooms, an office and a science prep area will be added.

Splitting the expansion into two phases will allow for the least amount of disruption and enable the architect and contractor to procure building materials.

Stagg Chargers can anticipate the following:

  • 11 Classrooms

  • 4 Science Classrooms/Labs

  • 52 Teacher Workstations

  • 7 Offices

  • 1 20-person Meeting Room

  • Rooftop Green Space

Stagg Principal Eric Olsen said, “On behalf of the entire Stagg community, thank you. This expansion is so important to families, students and staff. The expansion will greatly increase our instructional and programming capacity and flexibility, which will impact teaching and learning for decades to come.”

Teacher’s Association Vice President Sheli Thoss said, “We are very fortunate and thrilled to share this news with the staff. This is an investment not only for students but for staff as well.”