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Stagg breaks ground on expansion project!

Ground was ceremoniously broken at Stagg High School, beginning a 2-year expansion project which will include 11 classrooms, four science labs, additional teacher workspace, office space and a conference room, as well as a rooftop environmental learning space. 

Phase one of construction officially begins tomorrow and will conclude in the spring of 2024 with the scope of work contained to the south courtyard. Phase two will begin on the heels of phase one in the summer of 2024 and conclude in the spring of 2025 with the scope of work contained to the north courtyard. The goal is for Phase 1 and Phase 2 additions built each summer so that they can work on the interiors during the winter and spring.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Nolting said, “This expansion is modest in size but will help bring much-needed, long-overdue classroom and teacher workspace to Stagg. It will allow for greater programming flexibility and give students some breathing room as they navigate the hallways.”

Board President Melissa Gracias noted, “By issuing bonds for the project, the district will pay back principal and interest over the next 10 years, as opposed to increasing the tax rate or constraining the budget over a shorter term. All of this without a referendum. Not an easy task in this economic environment - and a credit to this Board and previous ones who have been so responsible and careful with our taxpayer monies.”

Principal Eric Olsen said,”The Board’s commitment to our students and the school is reflected in this expansion project. There will be an immediate impact on the health and vitality of the building, with improved space, feel and flow of the school.”

Stagg alumni Nikki Bridges and Brian Otte of Studio GC Architects will oversee the design of the project. “Their talent and expertise are dwarfed only by the fact that they are alumni. Their pride will undoubtedly be reflected in the building’s function and design,” Olsen added.

Class of 2023 Stagg High School graduate and former president of Stagg’s International and Cultivation clubs Humberto Plascencia Jr. added, “Although I will not get to experience the new space myself, I still feel a connection to the project due to my involvement with voicing my opinions through our Principal/Superintendent Advisory. It was excellent news to hear that  Stagg will be getting two new expansions, one which will include a one-of-kind rooftop greenhouse. This will serve as a beneficial space for environmental science classes and for our school’s Cultivation Club, as well as potentially allow opportunities for stargazing for Astronomy class.”