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Vocational Fair for Students

Bricklayers, firefighters, carpenters, estheticians, and real estate agents were just a few of the 50-some occupations represented at the second annual Stagg High School Vocational Fair.  Professionals spent the day discussing their careers with interested students, as well as detailing their career paths and available training. 

Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes attended the fair, along with other students who opted to participate. Principal Eric Olsen encouraged students to ask questions, learn and explore their futures. 

Co-organizer of the event College and Career Coordinator Rich Kowalczyk echoed Olsen’s directions and asked students to follow up with their guidance counselor if they found a career or field of study that interested them. 

The Vocational Fair, made possible by a grant from the District 230 Foundation, is an event where students learn about a range of career options across multiple career clusters. Professionals from various vocations and trades share information about their jobs, preparation, training and qualities needed for the career path. 

Katie Myers of the Hair Professionals Career College said, “We have a partnership with Stagg and Sandburg high schools where students gain experience and speed up the process of becoming certified in cosmetology. We are grateful to be here and anxious to recruit some students to the profession.”

Likewise, Brett O’Donnell of the Dental Assisting Springboard Institute said, “Our program is just a three-month program. When students find that out, it’s appealing to many of them. In addition to working as dental hygienists, our graduates work with insurance companies and perform x-rays, and skin grafts.”

Aspiring firefighter Stagg junior Kacper Komenda sought out the firefighter unions to discuss training and a career. He said, “Firefighting seems like a fun and interesting job where you get to help people.”