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Principal's Message

Dear Chargers,

Stagg High School and District 230 continue to review traffic safety for our students and families arriving and departing the campus. As some of you may have noticed, on certain days, Palos Hills Police is unable to obtain traffic control for our parking lot entrance on 111th Street in the morning. To ensure consistency, I am happy to report that the District has contracted with Palos Hills Police Department to provide two community service officers for traffic support on 111th during both arrival and departure times moving forward. Palos Hills Police are in the process of hiring these individuals and we hope to have them in place in the near future.

Additionally, the District worked with an outside company who specializes in traffic patterns to complete a traffic study of the Stagg campus. The study analyzed the traffic patterns and volume of traffic attempting to access our campus both in the morning and the afternoon. Due to the volume of traffic on our campus the company was limited with recommendations they could make to adjust traffic patterns at Stagg; however, we will work to implement some of the ideas provided in the near future.

We also ask that you review the reminders below and do your part to ensure the safety of our students arriving and departing our campus.

  1. Give yourself enough time to arrive at school! Our Commons are supervised beginning at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast items available for purchase. Students can begin to arrive at this time for their first hour class. Given the large number of students and parents driving their children to school, it should be understood that there will be back-ups if everyone tries to access the campus between 7:45 and 7:55 a.m.
  2. The school bus is a great option! Our school buses have an excellent record of on-time arrival!
  3. NEVER drop your child off on the side of the road or in intersections.
  4. Students should ALWAYS use crosswalks and NEVER walk in the streets.
  5. Students should not be on their cell phones when crossing the street and should always be aware of the environment around them.
  6. Cell phone use while driving is against the law, this applies while on the school campus.

I would also like to take a moment to share information regarding absenteeism. The Illinois Board of Education now identifies students who are Chronically Absent. ISBE defines this absenteeism as any day a student is not in attendance at least 50% of the school day, whether excused or unexcused. The threshold the State has established is 10% of the school year. We will be reaching out to families to remind them of their child’s current attendance status and also share with families if their child’s current attendance is on track to be identified by the State as Chronically Absent. Attendance is one of the strongest indicators of student success and we will continue to provide supports for families whose children struggle with regular attendance.

As we enter into the final third of the school year, planning for next year is in full swing. Students completed their class registration for the 2019-2020 school year and we are now planning the course schedules for next year. As administration and staff look forward to next year, our students are doing the same. Juniors are focused on the upcoming SAT exam and opportunities to explore colleges, careers and military possibilities abound at Stagg. Students should engage in activities that explore their post-secondary passions and interests and we encourage students and parents to reach out to their guidance counselor if they need any assistance.

Our Guidance Department offers a number of activities for students to begin the planning process. Check out the Guidance page of our website for more information. Our school also offers college field trips to a number of local colleges and universities.

Finally, it is not too late for students to get involved in activities at Stagg. The spring athletic season is beginning and sports, such as track, is open to all students. Students should not hesitate to reach out to coaches and sponsors as clubs and organizations are always open to accepting new members and participants.


Eric Olsen