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Principal's Message

Dear Stagg Chargers,

Happy New Year! On behalf of the administration and staff at Stagg, I hope that everyone had an enjoyable, refreshing winter break! With the New Year comes a new semester. The beginning of 2020 is a very busy time for students and staff at Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, and it is important to approach this time of year with a sense of renewal.

Stagg High School continues to make safety our number one priority as we enter the New Year. As always, all of our safety procedures are reviewed with students at the beginning of each semester. In addition, we work closely with emergency services including Palos Hills Police and North Palos Fire Protection District on our emergency plans and procedures. We ask that students and parents remember that school safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Stagg High School is committed to “Say Something” and we continue to encourage our students and community to notify the school if there are any concerns about an individual student’s safety, safety of the school environment, or safety concerns in the community. This program has been a huge success and we will continue to encourage students, staff, and parents to “Say Something.”  Last year, Stagg High School was recognized for a second time by the Sandy Hook Foundation as the high school that has fully committed to a “Say Something” program that proved to be both sustainable and integrated in many facets of our community.  Together we can make a difference. The following guidelines will help ensure a safe place for your student to learn and grow:

  1. Review Stagg High School’s Student Handbook with your student.
  2. Report any concern regarding school safety to the school immediately, even if you are unsure if it is rumor or hearsay.
  3. Utilize Stagg’s Safety and Security Tip Line at 708-974-7400, extension 7222.
  4. Call the school and arrange an appointment if you need to see school staff. Drop in or unannounced visits are discouraged.
  5. Remind your student that they must never prop open any school doors or open doors for ANYONE in the school.
  6. As in the past, all visitors during the school day must present a valid form of identification.
  7. Remember that 111th in front of Stagg High School is a School Zone and speed limits have changed. Please be extra careful when driving around our school to help keep our students safe.
  8. Remind your student of safe behavior when they leave the school, including crossing at the crosswalks and behavior in and around the bus.
  9. Please discuss with your student the dangers and repercussions of the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, including vaping. Research shows that children, whose parents discuss these topics with them, are less likely to abuse them.
  10. Students must keep their school ID on their person whenever at school or at a school function.

Many of our seniors have been anxiously awaiting acceptance letters to colleges, universities, and career preparation programs. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are beginning the course selection process for next year. The Class of 2024 completed their PSAT 8/9 placement exams and will begin to select their classes next month. Students and staff are also focused on high-stakes tests such as the S.A.T., A.C.T. and Advanced Placement exams. Pay close attention to deadlines. Information contained in the school newsletter, daily announcements and the school and district websites contain important information.

 Students will continue to receive information regarding graduation and events surrounding their senior year. Please pay attention to the information sent home this semester so you are aware of all the requirements surrounding this process. The course selection process will begin shortly for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. We believe that the course selection process should be a collaborative experience between students, their parents and the school. We ask students to challenge themselves in making future decisions and stretch themselves when selecting courses of study…an “easy semester” is a wasted semester. We encourage parents/guardians to participate in your student’s high school experience by becoming involved in one of our parent organizations.

On a final note, Stagg High School hosted our first recent alumni event in December.  This event allowed recent graduates to come together, meet with staff members and share in the adventures and successes they have had since leaving Stagg High School.  We could not have been more excited by the turn out with over 100 alumni visiting the school.  The response was so positive that we will work to expand this event and ensure that it becomes a yearly tradition at Stagg High School.  So to our alumni, we love having you back, you always have a home at Stagg and we need your involvement as well!

Resolve to get involved!


Eric Olsen