Navigating the Pressures Facing Teens...the discussion continues

This week, I had a great meeting with the S4 Summit planning committee: Brian Klene (CS), Katie Meader (AAS), Mike Murphy (VJA), and Carla Erdey (District). We are excited to continue the discussion begun in November at the Navigating the Pressures Teens Face event

Today, you will find in you mailboxes (and below) the handout of tips shared by the presenters. I hope you will take time think about how these tips can assist you in your interactions with the teens in your lives. Whether it's in class, in the hall, in the cafeteria line, in your office or at home, these tips can be helpful as we look to understand the pressures teens face on a daily basis. Academic pressures, anxiety and depression, substance use and abuse, and social media impact the way teens see and respond to the world. 

It is our hope that through pausing and observing the teens around us, we can respond to their needs, strengthen our relationships and connect them with the resources they need. You will find on the back of the tip sheet a listing of community resources as well as our Guidance Directors. Please know that if you encounter a student who is struggling, that school and district administrators and our outstanding PPS teams are ready to assist.

When you return following winter break, be on the lookout for information about how we plan to continue these conversations and share useful tips to help you build strong relationships with teens that assist them in navigating the pressures they face.

As always, thank you for your commitment as we prepare students for their future.

- Dr Jim Gay