Transitions are a big part of the story

Despite the cold days of winter being upon us, this week we turned our focus firmly to the bright days ahead and the transition of the class of 2019 into post high school life and the welcoming of the class of 2023 to our schools! 
Last weekend, the schools held Incoming Freshmen Registration as the newest Eagles, Chargers and TBolts embark on start of their transition into high school. 
At the same time, counselors and teachers have been busily assisting current students in selecting classes for next year. And, the class of 2019 is preparing for what comes next for them.
For each of these students, there are unique chapters in their stories ready to be written. Whether it's the fresh-faced freshman eager to begin a high school experience, or the current student figuring out who they want to be in this world, or the graduating senior making plans for their next step, we are better prepared to assist them when we take the time to ask, "What are you passionate about? What makes you unique?"  
As we build relationships with students, we can assist them as they write their story. Thank you for all you do to help students in these exciting transitions!

Dr. Jim Gay