‚ÄčA message from District 230 Superintendent Dr. James M. Gay about happenings at Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools

This week we celebrate all staff in our schools who make a difference. In each of our roles, we impact the stories of our students and colleagues. I am grateful to call each of you a colleague. During this Appreciation Week, thank you for being part of the District 230 story!
The stories told by our colleagues and students at Institute Day last Friday were an inspiring lead into appreciation activities this week. As we saw from the variety of stories shared, the relationship built through everyday interactions has a lasting impact. 
Our alumni who have returned as staff members showed us that what we do, the interactions we have, and the lessons we teach can influence life and career decisions long after graduation. Thank you to Chris Moan, Brian Berg and Meredith Sheriff for coming home and sharing your legacy stories with us!
The video created by members of my Student Advisory and the Voice of Witness class highlighted our students and our colleagues and what makes them unique, what they are passionate about and who has their back. Taking time to ask and listen to their stories helped me to feel a deeper connection and a greater understanding of who they are and the experiences they've had. I am incredibly grateful to those who shared their stories so openly with us and for the students who conducted the interviews.
Our IGNITE session pairs and trios shared some pretty amazing stories, too. We saw that the relationships built truly do make a difference. Whether it's a one-time interaction like enforcing a parking rule with compassion, a relationship built throughout the four short years of high school, or a lifelong relationship that evolves over time, the work we do matters. It shapes us, our students, our schools, and our larger community.  Thank you to Shelli Thoss, Mike Durbin, Karol Para, Kathy Krueger, Molly Nolan, Angela Brady, Kaylee Connolly, Missy Mason, Angela Turner, Patrick Deacey, Ella Bullard, Fred Peronto and Aristotle Vainikos for taking a risk and sharing your stories with us. 
I know that each day stories like the ones shared on Institute Day are taking place. Each of you makes an impact. Each of you shapes the school experience for our students and colleagues. And, each of you is writing a chapter in the District 230 story. Thank you.