Joe Dittmar

Harrowing Story of a 9/11 Survivor

"For the past decade, Joe Dittmar's harrowing 9/11 survival story has been shared with thousands of Sandburg High School students. This year, he's flying across the country to tell it himself ...and finally meet the English teachers who've been reading it for him all these years," Sandburg English Teacher Kathryn Guelcher shared. A businessman from Aurora, Illinois, Joe Dittmar was on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center on business that day. He survived.  Here is a link to an NPR story about Joe Dittmar 
Kathryn had come across Dittmar's story in 2009 while reading a book which included an interview in Story Corps. She and colleagues have shared his story on Septmeber 11 and every year, she sends Dittmar a Facebook post thanking him and letting him know a few hundred more students heard his story. Last year he said, "I gotta get there to do it in person some time." This Monday, is that time.
Student Voice

Anxiety and Learning: The Student's Voice

Next Friday, three Andrew High School students will present professional development for their teachers on the topic of "Anxiety & Learning: The Student's Voice." Students will share their experiences and how they have coped with anxiety during high school. 
Andrew Guidance Director Drew Eder shares, "The students were invited because staff members have worked with them during their years at Andrew to develop coping skills and overcome difficult times during high school. Their experiences encompass a range of reasons that have led them to have these feelings, some have experienced personal and family trauma while others have dealt with cultural struggles that have brought on emotions that interfere with their learning. The hope is that the student's stories will provide a window into the lives of a few students to increase empathy and understanding of how connected our student's emotional state is with their ability to learn."
Allowing students an opportunity to share their stories gives voice to the experiences and helps us all learn how we can support them.
American Flag

Honoring First Responders and Military Personnel

Stagg High School will honor First Responders and Military Personnel at tonight's football game. Prior to the coin toss, the honored guests will be thanked for their service to our community and country.
Taking time to recognize those who sacrifice for our safety and freedom sets a great example for our students and fans. It allows us all to take a moment to see the bigger picture and recognize the selfless dedication these individuals provide for us all.